Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a single or double axle trailer?
Double axle trailers have 2 axles to help disperse the weight of the load. They offer increased stability and are built for more heavy-duty hauling. Single axles weigh less and are easier to manoeuvre than double axles of the same size. They are suited for lighter cargo. Our staff can advise you on the best one for your needs.
Do I need brakes on my trailer?
That depends on the weight of the trailer and what you're hauling. If you're unsure about the type you require, call our office. We are specialists in trailer mechanics.
What do I need leaf springs for?
Leaf springs provide cushioning in your trailer's suspension. They control the axle and offer superior stability when you're hauling a load.
Will my vehicle be able to pull the trailer I want?
Every vehicle has a different towing capacity. Check your owner's manual to find the specifications for towing, or call Drop Deck Towing for assistance.
Do you install brake controllers?
Yes, we do! We supply and install brake controllers and other important parts for your trailer.
Do you provide finance?
Yes, we do! Ask us about our in-house payment plans. It will cost you less than $45 a week over 12 months to own one of our heavy-duty trailers worth $2000.